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Carl Rogers Person Centred Therapy

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) adhering to their Ethical Framework

I am a member of the Suffolk Association for Counselling

Cruse Bereavement Care

My counselling qualifications are accredited with the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB)

‘Psychosis or Spiritual Emergence? – Consideration of the Transpersonal Perspective within Psychiatry’

Sand Play Therapy


Spiritual Emergency:  When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis.  By Stanislav and Christina Grof.

Spiritual Intelligence:  The Ultimate Intelligence.  By Zohar and Marshall.

Time To Be:  Reflections On Facing The Future.  By Eileen Campbell.

Astrology Links

Read your full horoscopes and discover astrology on by Jenna.

I am an avid follower of the works and research done by Liz Greene, a co-founder of the Centre for Psychological Astrology.

What is a Natal Chart?

Astrology Quotes by Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology. Jung proposed and developed the concepts of the extraverted and the introverted personality, archetypes, and the collective unconscious.

A favourite painting of mine – The Flammarion Engraving

Archetypal definitions of the planets

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Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions

The Lunar Nodes

Professional Colleagues

Kairos Astrology, the school where I studied astrology in Glastonbury with John Wadsworth

Sweet Track Counselling, the school where I studied spiritual counselling in Glastonbury with Collette Barnard

Debbie Orfila Integrative Counsellor with holistic / spiritual approach based in Salisbury, Wilts

Neal Sutton, Home of Spirtuality Matters