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24 August 2017.   Lost your Mojo?  Saturn in Sagittarius.

The foundation to astrology – the study of the stars – is the interconnectedness of everything:  people, animals, nature and the cosmos.  Our thoughts, feelings and actions have numerous interlinked consequences; no one acts in isolation.  The application of astrology is interpreted through perceptions, patterns and symbolism.  Astrology works in cycles, based on a planet’s orbit around the sun, and the familiar albeit challenging, ‘seven year cycle’ is connected to Saturn.   At the individual level, Saturn represents the boundary between our conscious and unconscious realms and his cycles denote periods of growth and development and interestingly I have noticed how clients seek therapy during these cycles.  Since December 2014 we may have personally experienced a crisis in our faith, doubts in our purpose and contribution to the world or perhaps a decrease in optimism, trust and motivation.  Those with birthdays in the signs of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo will have experienced significant setbacks and difficulties over this period and this statement also applies to those with personable planets in these signs.  Consultation with an astrologer can help you understand your natal chart placements, which is something I do in conjunction with counselling.

At the collective level since December 2014, we all may have experienced to some degree an urge to find a deeper purpose and meaning in life; questioning visions and ideals (of a personal nature and/or, political, religious, global bent) and in particular, contemplating whether or not they are pragmatic. 

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius symbolises philosophy, adventure, travel and broadening of the mind and the sign’s symbol is the archer.  The archer would rather shoot his arrow too high and lose it rather than aim too low.  Consequently, Saturn in this sign can help us to manifest and realise our dreams, to ground the arrow’s intention, through hard work, commitment, patience and pragmatism.

Saturn spends ~2.5 years in each Zodiac sign and leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn on 21 December 2017.  Saturn is at home in Capricorn, an earthy sign and he functions with discipline, efficiency and this is where concrete results transpire.  In this next phase, Saturn in Capricorn symbolises a sense of practically being able to build our vision into a tangible, solid and real form – if over the last three years, there has been a commitment to this self-enquiry! 

I will be exploring Saturn at my workshop on Saturday 25th Nov 2017 and again 10 Mar 2018.  The workshops are designed to demonstrate how ‘psychological astrology’ works:  by linking up Greek mythology, astrology and psychotherapy.  Participants get a copy of their own natal chart, i.e. a map of the personality, which is consulted during the workshop.

21 March 2017Apollo & Chariot_A Way In Two Worlds

Early start with a run along Sizewell beach and I am in awe of the deposited and abundant sea-gooseberries or comb-jellies I saw for the first time.  I felt all the elements:  Sun = fire, wind = air, beach = earth and sea = water; these elements are a key feature in astrology.  In the sky, I observed the angle of the sun and moon to each other and angles of the sun, moon and planets to each other are an important part in interpreting astrology.  Astrology is about man’s perception and is geocentric, i.e. it starts from humanity’s window, Earth.  When we say the Sun is in Aires (20/21 March Spring Equinox until 20 April), what we mean is, the sun, from Earth appears to pass through the zodiacal sign of Aries.  Astrology is about patterns and cycles, and these can help us to understand and work with nature’s rhythms and our own. 

As part of the astrology workshops I am running, I have linked up mythology, astrological symbolism with modern day psychological interpretations of the personality.  Myths are the stories people tell to explain nature, history and customs and in Greek mythology, planets were revered as Gods.  Apollo, the Greco-Roman Sun god, traversed the zodiac in his golden chariot bringing up the sun each day to bring light and warmth to all the crops, all the people and everything on earth.  Film is modernity’s equivalent to myth.  I recently watched the film “Interstellar” (you should probably stop reading this article if you haven’t seen the film and want to!) and enjoyed the precept how love can permeate dimensions.  I believe that astrology originates from a place of love and is a form of communication system left by humanity for humanity; its essence has existed for millennia.

Planet Jupiter in the zodiacal sign of Libra from Sep 2016 to Oct 2017

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[The article below can be found on the UK's Counselling Directory website, which lists registered counsellors and psychotherapists:]


In Astrological Therapy, astrology affords the client an abstract language to externalise and express parts of themselves.  Carl Jung had the following to say about astrology:

We do not believe in the reality of Olympus so the ancient Greek Gods live in us today as symptoms.

We no longer have the thunder bolts of Zeus; we have headaches.

We no longer have the arrows of Eros; we have angina pains.

We no longer have the divine ecstasy of Dionysus; we have addictive behaviour.

Even though we no longer recognise the Gods, we experience their powerful forces”.

In psychological astrology, Jupiter represents the boundary of one’s personal subconscious and marks our need to grow, to learn and to find faith.  Striving for ultimate justice, he does however fall foul to excess, gluttony and exaggeration.  Jupiter moves into the sign of love, beauty, art, law & justice and relationships, aka Libra on 9th September 2016 and stays here for approximately 1 year.  Below are some ideas to consider over this period:

  1. Balance is Libra’s ultimate goal but there is a lot of conflict resolution needed along the way to achieve balance and Jupiter’s excess and exaggerating tendencies could lead to heated conflicts and feuds.  Irvin Yalom, American existential psychiatrist, recommends to ‘strike while the iron is cold’ when needing to have difficult conversations.
  2. Libra is the sign ‘of the other’ and this is a time for embracing brotherhood and bestowing benevolence and generosity upon others.
  3. Play fair.  Justice in its many guises will feature & caution would be to personally act fairly and with integrity.
  4. Jupiter’s placement in the natal chart, can help clients explore areas where we may become disappointed in life through our expectations – is what you expect from others fair?
  5. There’s no I in Team.  Accept that you can’t always go it alone!  Libra is a social sign and growth may mean to work with others in some shape or form….
  6. Law.  Legally you may experience Jupiter’s lucky trait but if in a legal wrangle, remember point 3!
  7. Make some big, bold decorative choices to whatever pleases you aesthetically.
  8. Review your own personal history and learn from it.  Jupiter was last in Libra September 2004 to October 2005.