2018 Psychological Astrology Workshops

These individual workshops link up Greek Mythology, Astrology and Psychotherapy.  Participants get a copy of their natal chart, i.e. a map of the personality, which is consulted during each workshop.  No previous knowledge is required.

Two hour Workshops.  Saturdays from 10AM to 12PM, held at the Harmony Centre, Walpole, nr Halesworth, IP19 9BB.

6 Jan 2018       Relating, relationships & love.  The Anima principle.  What we value in ourselves & others.  Projection as a defence.

10 Feb 2018    Anger, Aggression & Assertion; the archetypal warrior Mars.  The Animus principle.

10 Mar 2018   The boundary of personal conscious & unconscious realms; Jupiter & Saturn’s transits and personal growth & dev cycles.

14 Apr 2018    Victim, persecutor or rescuer.  The wounded healer Chiron.  Where we help others but can’t help ourselves.

12 May 2018   Crises and personal transformation.  The collective psyche and generational themes:  Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.


Sun + Elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water

What can you expect?  An unfolding journey linking up mythology, astrological symbolism with modern day psychological interpretations of the personality.  A thought provoking workshop encouraging you to view your personality from a symbolic and abstract perspective.  Outline agenda:

  • Mythology of the sun and associated meanings; what can we learn from our story telling?
  • Sun Archetype.  An archetype is a pattern of behaviour with defined characteristics common to humanity and in astrology we translate the Sun to represent, ‘the urge to be and to create’.
  • Links to modern day psychology referencing Carl Rogers’ person centred theory.  His concepts of external conditions of worth and being Fully Functioning and why the sun doesn’t always shine!
  • Your sun sign will be one of the four elements (energies) fire, earth, air or water and is the basic inner force motivating everything we do.  Our sun sign needs to be fed it’s element for our overall vitality.
  • Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable crosses describe a person’s attitude in life and is a good indicator of how you deal with your environment.

Sun and the 12 Signs

Moving on from tabloid, ‘fast-food’ astrology often found in tabloid daily’s and flippant magazine articles we will be exploring the deeper objectives for my workshops, communicating the essence of astrology and how we can use this ancient tool wisely particularly in terms of understanding our own personality.  Workshop agenda:

  • The sun’s (perceived) passage through the 12 zodiac signs; linking mythology to modern day psychology.
  • Sun Archetype (pattern) and the development of the Ego.
  • Carl Jung’s Shadow archetype – an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself.  Referencing Johari’s Window and how therapy can help to understand our psychological ‘blind spots’.
  • Defence of psychological projection – a theory in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities.  Envied or disowned sun sign attributes can be played out in our relationships and typically are of a troublesome nature!


We will explore the lunar deities and myths of Gaia, Hekate, Artemis & Demeter and what we can glean from their symbolism.  The moon’s phases correlate to our instinctive nature, body clock and waxing / waning cycles.  If our lunar nature is blocked or repressed, compulsive behaviours, anxieties and insecure relationships could be a familiar theme.  This workshop combines psychology and astrology and participants will learn key moon interpretations pertinent to themselves.  Agenda:

  • Moon in the elements:  fire, earth, air and water.
  • Your experience of mother; you as a parent / mother.
  • Sigmund Freud’s Oral Phase.
  • How you nurture; like to be nurtured.
  • John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory.
  • The anima (feminine) image.
  • Your feeling nature; how you instinctively react.
  • Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods.  How well do you communicate?

This two hour workshop covers Mercury mythology and astrology interwoven with modern day psychology.  ’Psychological Astrology’ is an approach utilised by the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung.   Mercury the planet of communication, symbolises how we learn, analyse and translate our environment, information and interaction with others.  You will learn which sign and element Mercury is in for you and what this means personally and psychologically.  The workshop is about developing effective communications with parents, children, friends, work colleagues, partner (the list goes on!) and with oneself!

Suitable for therapists, who are seeking new ways to empathise with clients; working in this way allows the therapist to adjust to the communication style and needs of their client.  In psychological astrology, planets symbolise archetypes and this approach provides an abstract and emotional language for both client and therapist, and helps clients to externalise their inner world.


Venus symbolises love, values & beauty. Venus allows us to understand what pleasures us, what values we hold, how we relate to others and how we love and attract love into our lives. She represents the feminine principle, the Anima. We will explore our female role model, desires, projections and repressions.


Mars the archetypal warrior or hero.  Shows us how we assert our will…or don’t!  What we are prepared to fight for; our relationship with anger.  It is the masculine principle, the Animus and can help females to understand their masculine side, which is more an unconscious expression rather than represented in the physical body.   Through Mars we can understand our male role model desires, projections and repressions.

Jupiter & Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn symbolise the boundary between our personal conscious and unconscious realms, urging us to grow and develop. We have all experienced intense periods and the likelihood is, that these periods coincide with a Jupiter &/or Saturn transit. I will be examining the planets’ orbits and the cycles that we come up against in our lifetime (i.e. transits).