Counselling with Astrology

Carl Jung natal chart_A Way In Two Worlds

I’m a counsellor and astrologer.  Some clients choose to work with their natal charts and sessions are held in a counselling style embracing a two-way, dynamic and collaborative approach.  The client is the living experience of the natal chart and holds the key to its interpretation.  As we explore a client’s motives and behaviours, the archetypes (planets) start to take shape and become meaningful personal metaphors.  I use the chart as a guide only and gradually integrate the planetary patterns and astrological insights into sessions.

The natal chart affords an impression of one’s personality highlighting behaviours and attitudes.  Counselling with astrology is different to an astrology reading.  Why?  The counsellor is a qualified therapist, trained listener and will sensitively and compassionately explore natal chart patterns with the client, and help the client to find alternative and more harmonious ways to live.

Psychological astrology combines modern day psychology with traditional astrology.  There is no prediction or fortune telling however, at predictable ages we are likely to experience personal crisis which coincides with planetary patterns.  Clients often seek therapeutic support at these times.

Astrology – the study of the stars - is a geocentric, ancient divination art evolving from ~400 BC.  Astrology upholds the interconnectedness of life.  Carl Jung (1875-1961, Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst) had an interest in the art and described astrology as the following:

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born.  Astrology does not lay claim to anything more”.

 How can astrology help?

  • Know thyself” – Understand your own personality, strengths and weakness by familiarising yourself with your natal chart.  Know thy chart!
  • Family Dynamics – Family patterns can be investigated.  Unresolved complexes within families can be past on from one generation to the next.
  • Parent-Child – Understand your child’s communication style, how you relate to each other and how to optimise nurturing.
  • Illnesses & health – A timeline exercise can be explored, using transits and progressions to explore any emerging patterns.
  • Couples – See below.

Couples Therapy

Decades of extensive research undertaken by Dr John Gottman and Dr Julie Schwartz Gottman at the Gottman Institute show that:

  • After 3 years of marriage couples split due to poor conflict management.
  • At the 15 year point partners become strangers & the relationship lacks friendship & affection.

I offer a six session counselling programme augmented with insights from the couple’s natal charts and relationship charts (synastry & composite).  The sessions help to:

  • Understand the pitfalls for relationship breakdown
  • Understand each other’s inner psychological world to better support each other
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Learn conflict management techniques
  • Re-know each other
  • Process past regrettable incidents

Astrology Training


  • Individual £60 for 1 hour session for short-term therapeutic support (e.g. 6-12 sessions).
  • One-off individual consultation £90 for 90 minutes plus £60 chart preparation (natal & progressed charts is one hour’s work).  Total:  £150.
  • Couples £80 for 1 hour session for short-term therapeutic support (e.g. 6-12 sessions).
  • One-off couples’ consultation £120 for 90 minutes plus £120 chart preparation (2 x natal, synastry & composite charts is 2 hours work).  Total: £240.
  • Couples six session programme £480.
  • Any extra charts requested (e.g. solar return, progressed, composite) are an additional charge.  charged at £30 each.
  • A deposit is required before the first session to cover chart preparation.
  • Cancelled sessions are charged for – exceptions are if no preparation work has already taken place and 48 hours notice is given.



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