Testimonials from previous clients; anonymous to respect client confidentiality.

“Many of my family members and friends died over a short period of time, I was struggling to process and come to terms with the losses, as well as finding the strength to be able to move forward with my life.  Having a good knowledge of astrology myself, it was imperative that I worked with a therapist who understood the symbolic language of my chart.   I could not have asked for a more compassionate and understanding person as Liz who listens, gently guides and holds the space while I explore my emotions, my pain and how to navigate life to build a new future.  Her knowledge of astrology was excellent and she gives me a lot of food for thought when referencing my chart which has helped me broaden my own understanding of myself.  She is an integral part of my healing and I am so grateful to have found her.”

“When I first started the sessions I didn’t know much about astrology. But as we got into the sessions and started working on different things, combining astrology with counseling was really helpful. I could see patterns in why I felt certain things and how I reacted, which made so much sense. It then helped me break patterns and also be aware, so that I can use what I have learned in the sessions when I feel anxiety or there are certain triggers. Definitely the best thing I have done for my anxiety.”

“I have always been interested in astrology and so was drawn to this form of counselling as it appeared to offer something slightly different. In practice I became very interested in the combination of astrology and counselling and did some further reading around it and was astonished to discover that Carl Jung was also influenced by astrology.  Over the course of my sessions I found the counsellor used the astrology almost as a means of identifying issues or a check point for our mutual understanding of my personality and my concerns.  Even if astrology is not for you the process is almost a short cut for getting to know the client as the astrology is used as a way of checking out issues to which the client can agree or disagree – so a useful tool.  I feel happier, healthier and stronger emotionally and I feel I know myself better as a result of working with Liz.”